Preparatory School

an excellent all-round education. The well-planned, wide-ranging and stimulating curriculum enables all pupils to reach high standards in relation to their age and ability.” ISI

Learning for life ages 7 to 13

Form Age Group
Year 3 7 – 8
Year 4 8 – 9
Year 5 9 – 10
Year 6 10 – 11
Year 7 11 – 12
Year 8 12 – 13

The School Day

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By the age of seven, Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall children are well into their academic stride. Structured classes and formal learning combine with innovative teaching methods to provide a perfect balance of stimulation, exploration and fun. National Curriculum subjects are tackled inside the classroom with interactive whiteboards and outside the classroom, in our highly acclaimed Forest School programme. We identify learning styles, set personalised targets and tailor teaching to the individual, ensuring that each child, whatever their level of ability, has every opportunity to achieve their personal best.

“In lessons and activities pupils are highly engaged, they enjoy working with others and are aware that team work can enhance their skills. They are supported in their development of these skills through well resourced, imaginative teaching.” ISI

Class numbers are kept small and younger children are taught by their Class Teacher for the majority of lessons with a clear emphasis on the acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills. As they progress, specialisation is gradually introduced. From Year 5 all subjects are taught by specialists with the year groups streamed into sets so that every child can approach their exams at their own pace.

Continuing from Pre-Prep, we set the children personalised targets and plenty of individual attention ensures that no one is left to struggle.

The Prep School delivers a rich and broad curriculum. Whilst timetables are set around the key subjects, English, Maths, Science and French, the curriculum also embraces a full range of supporting disciplines such as History, Geography, RS, Computing and, from year six, Latin and Classical studies are included. From Year 6 pupils are offered the opportunity to take part in The Wensum Award programme, an inclusive award bespoke to Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall. The Wensum Award  focuses on developing skills for life such as self-confidence, independence, leadership, creative thinking, reflecting as well as a sense of wellbeing and ties in nicely with the Prep School Baccalaureate(PSB) programme that pupils embark upon from Year 7.

Learning support from our Accelerated Learning (SENCO) department is offered on an individual or group basis depending on the child’s needs which are identified through annual standardised testing and teacher assessment.  Gifted and Talented children are being stretched in daily lessons and offered opportunities to use higher thinking skills and to participate in a range of clubs and competitions such as the Junior Maths Challenge and Science Olympiads. This way every child is given the opportunity to be the best that they can be.

Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall are members of NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) and are passionate about motivating and engaging as well as deepen and extend more able pupils’ learning assisting them to fulfil their potential within our inclusive school community.

At Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall we feel it is important to offer our children plenty of opportunity to develop interests and talents outside the classroom. Fresh air and exercise is good for the body and sport encourages leadership, fair play and team spirit. Skills learnt on the playing field – and tested against internal and external teams – are great tools for life.

The School’s superb facilities allow for sports including cricket, rugby, netball, hockey, athletics and indoor swimming to take place three afternoons a week. In addition to this, children are encouraged to stay for after school hobbies and clubs. The huge range of activities available provide fantastic opportunities for children to try something new and offers working parents the convenience of a later pick up time.

Whether it is on the stage or with a paintbrush in hand that a child feels most confident, plenty of time is devoted to the performing and visual arts. Ideas can be explored both inside and outside the classroom, often to great effect.

The School has an established tradition of musical excellence. Our purpose-built music school with visiting specialists provides an inspiring environment for young musicians. From ensembles to Magna Voce Choir and rock bands lots of musical styles are catered for. And for some children, local and national competitions and public concerts are a great way to support a blossoming talent.

We also offer an exciting range of school trips to compliment other studies. Examples of trips include a French trip to Normandy, skiing in Austria, a sports tour to Dublin, a Latin (Classical Studies) and Geography trip to Naples, a visit to Long Sutton Butterfly and Wildlife Park, a Year 8 Leavers trip to Wales, a visit to Ely Cathedral, workshops at the Science Olympiad at the UEA, a visit to the Museum of Archaeology in Cambridge, theatre trips to the West End, a visit to the National Portrait Gallery, a trip to Wimbledon and the list goes on…

A cooked meal is provided for all children in the main hall at lunch time. Our catering team prepare all our healthy, balanced and delicious meals on site. Soup is also available at lunch times and this is made freshly each day. All the soups are dairy free and suitable for vegetarians.  In addition, there is a salad bar and jacket potatoes as well as freshly baked bread.

“Pupils much enjoy the opportunities they are given to make decisions, such as in the course of their studies and in developing personal skills.” ISI

As pupils progress through the school there is a move to greater independence. Pupils’ confidence and independence grow naturally and they take increased responsibility for their learning and conduct, as well as obtaining leadership roles within the school. Older pupils are given the opportunity to work more closely with teachers and a sense of pride in their learning and conduct is fostered. The ability of older pupils to mentor younger pupils is encouraged and for those who excel in these areas, the role of prefect comes naturally in Year 8.

“Being selected to be a Senior Prefect and the responsibilities that come along with it was something I was very proud of.” pupil

In addition, the School’s Council provides pupils with a voice and opportunity to play an active role in our school community.

The School enjoys an enviable record of success in helping pupils gain scholarships. Through individual academic guidance and a carefully thought-out PSHEE programme, pupils are encouraged to analyse their strengths and target their weaknesses. Form Tutors and Class Teachers play a key role and weekly drop-in clinics for parents strengthen communication between home and school. Guidance is also provided to help parents with their move to Senior School for their child aged 13.

By the age of 13, we are proud to see our boys and girls emerge as well-mannered, confident, friendly and interesting young people, comfortable in their ability to articulate their opinions and feelings and well equipped  to embrace the next stage of their education as empowered learners full of confidence and enthusiasm.

In their top two years, pupils are taught life skills with increased involvement in charity work and the local community.

Once the Year 8 examination is out the way, our Year 8 pupils are rewarded with an exciting  Year 8 Leavers programme that really inspires. With a clear focus on fun, adventure and team work many children believe this is ‘the best bit’ – trying out new activities which leave them with memories they will never forget!

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Government inspections and regular lesson observations ensure high standards are always maintained and result in consistent praise for the Preparatory teaching at our outstanding School.

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