Year 2 to Year 7 Maths Morning

Maths Morning was an opportunity for all our pupils from Year 2 upwards to participate in 9 problem-solving activities, located outdoors and indoors and in mixed-age groups with each task carefully laid out so all could be involved. A great way to see the children active in their learning and engaged with a variety of tasks and activities covering different styles and abilities.

Children from Years 2 & 3 worked together on one part of a task with Years 4 & 5 on a more complex problem nearby and Years 6 & 7 facing a challenging problem at their level.

It was lovely to welcome ten Year 10 pupils from Langley Senior School who ran the activities and awarded points for both mathematical prowess and for displaying the soft-skills of resilience, team-player and reflective learners.

The pupils enjoyed solving sudokus, orienteering, strimkos, money problems, dominoes, and maths Pictionary! A fantastic way to see different examples of learning through different activities.

My thanks to all 225 pupils who participated, the visiting Langley Year 10s and staff for making the event a success.

Mr David Sowry, Head of Mathematics