The children in the Reception classes had an amazing trip to Fairhaven Water Gardens, packed with lots of activities and laughter!

They began with the magical journey by learning how old the King and Queen Oak trees are. They were terribly impressed with such wise old ages after spending the journey counting teddy bears to very high numbers with Charlotte and Scarlett singing “We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one!”

The children then explored different pictures representing various mini beasts and many were very good at knowing their names and telling all about the creatures’ habitat. They went on to collect various creatures carefully, either by bushing the trees with a stick or using paintbrushes to carefully collect them in bug boxes. After counting legs, analysing colours and shapes and observing how quickly or slowly the creatures were moving, they were then carefully released to their homes. The children were very impressed by the cardinal and stag beetles in particular and loved hearing how a ladybird baby is formed and what the larvae looks like.

After a picnic lunch the children went on to make fairy gardens with clay and natural materials and mini bug hotels; we really do have some fabulous Creative Connies among this cohort!!

A highlight of the trip was the party organised by the children from both Reception classes at break time, which involved singing, climbing trees or using sticks to create music.

The write-ups that the children composed the following day showed an excellence sense of understanding and appreciation of what they had seen and some wonderful independent writing at such a young age.