There was great excitement this week with the start of the incubation of chicken eggs in the two Reception classes.
We are fortunate that Mr and Mrs Rutterford, whose farm we visited recently, kindly provided the eggs and also a home for the chicks to return to when they hatch.
The children were fascinated to learn about the development of the chicken embryo and watched a short film showing this, they even asked to watch it twice!
The children now have to be very patient and wait 21 days for the chicks to hatch . They will be marking off the days on a chart and are studying the incubator with lots of interest.
Connecting with our Topic ‘Pets’, Mr & Mrs Rutterford kindly brought in some guinea pigs (3 babies and mum) and a rabbit, Sky, to show to children in both Reception classes. The children very much enjoyed giving them a stroke and learned that guinea pigs have 4 toes on their front feet and 3 toes on their back feet. They have also learned that the baby guinea pigs are called pups and that they can be very loud when they are hungry. The guinea pigs also like to live in large groups.
Lizzy commented that “Gerbils are like guinea pigs!” and Bella said “the rabbit’s tail looks like a snake”. When choosing a boy and a girl name for the other guinea pigs, they couldn’t decide between Lilly and Molly, or Fluffy and Alexander.

Inspired by Creative Connie, during Art the children demonstrated amazing skills when painting their pets from a photo they brought in. The children in both Reception classes wrote independently about their pets, talking about food they like, their names or places they sleep.