Our third and final Soirée of the year was packed full of variety, with performances on piano, guitar, voice, trumpet, drums and flute. Once again, performers rose to their performing occasion and great talent was displayed.

The enthusiasm for performing and music was very evident, with pupils asking to perform and many wanting to perform on more than one instrument. We saw pupils from Reception up to Year 8 share music with us.

Poppy G in Reception, bravely opened the evening on the piano. Afterwards Poppy said: “I liked playing in the Soiree, I want to do it again!”


For some, sadly this Soirée was their last: Year pupils Harrison S, Sara B and Madeleine B.

Sara said, “I enjoy music because I can express emotions without talking.” A very mature and honest thought. When
Madeleine thought over her performance, she said, “I really enjoyed the Soirée because it gave me the chance to celebrate passing my Grade 1 piano with distinction, by performing one of my Grade 1 pieces.” Acknowledging the successes and hard work put into music is very important as a lot of time and effort goes into the results gained in examinations.

It has been a pleasure for everyone to see their musical journey and we look forward to hearing of their future successes.

The evening displayed great talent and best of all, left everyone feeling full of excitement for the future to come!

Soiree 3