My name is Rosanna Baker and I go to Langley Senior School in Loddon. After spending my final week at Langley as a year ten I commenced a week of work experience at Langley Prepatory School at Taveram Hall. My career path has always been pointing towards something creative and now I am old enough to make important decisions, I am strongly edging towards photography as a profession.


It has been an eye opening experience as I had an amazing opportunity to see what it’s like being an art teacher, a student and even work in marketing e.g.  school yearbooks. I was helping out Mr Edwards, the Head of Art, and observing the lessons. It’s amazing how much potential the young students have. I’m currently doing GCSE Art and Photography which requires a great deal of coursework inside sketchbooks. I had brought mine in to show some classes what photography and Art at Langley Senior School would entail.


I really enjoyed talking to the children because they all have such positive personalities and eagerness to progress in their creative work. What I found very interesting is that the teachers approach to conducting lessons and helping the children learn is not that they are superior to the children but equals unless the students take advantage of it which I think gains respect easier than a teacher who takes advantage of their authority over the children and demands respect upfront.

A professional photographer came in to take some photos for the new school yearbook. I really enjoyed picking his brain for the day and observing how he decided to do things and why he made those decisions. I’ve learned quite a lot in the short few hours he was visiting; things about lighting and how to make a photo look natural and interesting.

I’ve developed my personal skills a bit too since I started my work placement for example; communication and teamwork while talking to the children about their current school work and helping them improve it. I hope I have made an impression and inspired some of the students to take up their interest in art and maybe even develop it in terms of photography. This week has sparked my interest in working with or around children as I had a chance to get to know the sweetest groups of children who have such bright futures ahead of them.