Religious Studies

Throughout their time at the Prep School, pupils cover a wide range of topics in Religious Studies. There is a focus on developing inclusivity and moral understanding as well as spiritual understanding, respect and tolerance by learning about different world faiths and a sense of responsibility towards other people, animals, nature and the world around us.

The aim of the Religious Studies department is to foster an understanding of the nature of the beliefs and premises of all the world’s major religions including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism. Pupils also study philosophy of religion, ideas and beliefs and what prominent philosophers believe.

Pupils enjoy finding out about inspirational leaders and figureheads and their contribution to world peace such as mother Theresa and Martin Luther King to name a few. Fortnightly assemblies with Reverend Seabrook from St Edmund’s church in Taverham as well as a number of educational trips to places of worship for a number of faiths all provide valuable educational experiences. Visiting speakers and cross curricular links with subjects such as History add another valuable dimension.

In addition, pupils are taught about fundamental British values and are encouraged to develop their debating skills and the ability to express one’s views whilst respecting others based on wider moral issues.

Our pupils are encouraged to question the nature of faith and religious belief so that they may make informed choices in their own lives, but the emphasis is on respecting the views of others and maintaining the Christian tradition that has always run through the life of the School.

We hope that our pupils will value the differences as well as the similarities between people, whatever their beliefs or faith, and through our activities gain some idea of the spiritual dimension of the world.