Religious Studies

The aim of the Religious Studies department is to foster an understanding of the nature of the beliefs and premises of all the world’s major religions, while developing a greater awareness of the history, background, beliefs and stories that are the foundations of Christianity.

Our pupils are encouraged to question the nature of faith and religious belief so that they may make informed choices in their own lives, but the emphasis is on respecting the views of others and maintaining the Christian tradition that has always run through the life of the school.

We encourage tolerance and a sense of responsibility towards other people, animals, nature and the world around us. Our pupils are made aware of those less fortunate than themselves and of the need, where possible, to alleviate the suffering of others, and bring meaning and purpose into their lives.

In Religious Studies we bring an enrichment of experience through the study of the history and traditions of the world religions, looking at their festivals, beliefs and the stories behind them. These lessons are supported by visits to places of worship for a number of faiths such as the local church, synagogue and Buddhist Centre. In addition, cross curricular links are made with subjects such as History where pupils undertake an annual visit to Ely Cathedral.

In studying the stories of the Bible we relate them to life in a way that makes them meaningful to the modern child.

We hope that our pupils will value the differences as well as the similarities between people, whatever their beliefs or faith, and through our activities gain some idea of the spiritual dimension of the world.