The new Signalong hobby was received with great enthusiasm by the Pre-Prep children this week. Pupils from Reception, Year 1 & 2 joined together to learn Sign Language in relation to the current Reception topics of winter and animals to help develop small motor skills and to enhance your communication skills.

The children began by learning how to form their own name signs. Combining the letter shape of their first initial followed by something that others know about them or that they especially like, meant the children created their own personal name sign to be known by.

“I have one already” said one pupil, Lizzy, excitedly. She signed ‘L Princess Mouse’ whilst saying ‘Lizzy’. Brilliant signing and one that will be a challenge for your friends.
The children settled on name signs which included Dinosaur, Lego, Digger, Butterfly and others which were all signed proudly to indicate how unique we all are. Roman’s friend reminded him how much he loves the T – Rex and insisted this should be his name sign. Roman was most pleased.

Moving on to animals, each child had a turn at reaching into a bag to pick out an animal and learned to form the sign for each.

“I loved learning animal signs. My favourite sign was Monkey” said Charlie.

“I loved butterfly because it made my hands feel nice and it’s beautiful” said Larissa.

The highlight appeared to be a very alternative, amusing rap version of ‘Old Macdonald’ and ‘We went to the Animal Fair’ which we all signed to, consolidating our new knowledge. Next week the children are looking forward to seeing the baboon again from Animal Fair.

The following day at school pupils were already passing on their new skill, one pupil commented “the children taught me the sign for Zoo today” smiled Holly

Full marks children!

See one, Do one, Teach one!

By Dr Rattan, Signalong Instructor