As a school we work hard to keep good mental health at the top of our agenda. As part of this commitment to the wellbeing of the school community as well as in support of World Mental Health Day, we spent time in a whole school assembly considering ways in which we can regulate our emotions.

We talked about how we all have powerful feelings at times for example excitement, sadness, happiness, anger, fear and sometimes they can overwhelm us. However, we can use strategies to help regulate our emotions and calm ourselves.

As we all love singing so much, we began and ended with some songs that are well known to the pupils, and they certainly rose to the occasion, in particular when singing ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman.

Our SENCO and Head of Accelerated Learning, Mrs Hearn, shared an example of how she regulates her emotions by walking the dog. Our Head of Maths, Mr Sowry, told us how he runs in fundraising races and our Head of History, Mr Hoare, shared with us that he enjoys spending time in the garden.

Pupils were encouraged to think about things that they could do by looking at posters displayed throughout the School and were given the opportunity to complete their own ‘Emotions Wheels’. The day ended well for Mrs Hearn and Mrs Daniels when Year 4F pupils composed and performed their own songs about this topic. What a treat!

In Pre-Prep, Mrs Daws led another assembly for World Mental Health Day. A favourite clip from the film ‘Inside Out’ was shown to introduce the children to emotions. The children were invited to describe other feelings that accompany the 5 characters from the film. As they were written up they were put into two groups; feelings we like and those we try to avoid. A power point presentation discussed ways we can help ourselves and each other if any of those feelings become too big. A focus was on the fact that we ‘can’t stop the feelings’ but we can all manage them one way or another. Mrs Daws read a poem to the children about keeping our feelings in their place.

Mrs Daws ended the assembly with a popular song ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ and all the children got up and danced and sang along. The children in Pre-Prep spent some time discussing all the characters from the film and thought of ways to help themselves and each other. They have displayed these phrases on a new OUR MENTAL WELLBEING MATTERS! board in the Pre-Prep Hall.