This week we were truly spoilt in the Music Treat Assembly, when Miss Lisa Cassidy (voice) and Mr Paul Hill (guitar) performed to pupils. It reminded us all just how fortunate we are to have such talented staff working with us and teaching our pupils.

We are particularly delighted to share the news that our visiting singing tutor, Lisa Cassidy,  opened the Autumn season programme of classical delights at The Assembly House on September 12 designed to showcase young musical talent featuring nationally and internationally-renowned performers. Lisa’s performance with the pianist Somi Kim went down beautifully and the concert was sold out! Follow the link to view details of the performance which includes the encore- the rather fabulous ‘Surabaya Johnny’ By Kurt Weill: Lisa Cassidy performance


News of this recent opening appeared in the EDP:

As an international soprano, Lisa Cassidy is a singer much in demand. Not only does she possess a voice of singular beauty, but also consistently brings tremendous presence and focus to the stage. Lisa is currently busy preparing for an operatic performance she is lining up to do at the Hostry Festival on the 19th October.


Since graduation from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Lisa has toured to many vibrant cities and countries including Holland, Spain, Scotland and throughout the UK. Recently, Lisa has performed in Vigo with Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, given a groundbreaking contemporary performance in the courtyard of The Royal Academy of Arts in London and appeared at Benjamin Britten’s Red House in Aldeburgh with the pianist, Somi Kim.

Lisa: “As a singing teacher, I am deeply committed to helping people find their unique voice and their individual way of communicating with it. Every singing journey is a personal one and each step along the path can be seen as developmental and a journey towards awareness. When you sing, you connect and when you connect you are truly alive! ​My lessons, among other things, place a strong emphasis on singing with the whole mind and body, understanding the breath and how to connect to it and it and awakening the imagination and awareness so that the voice can truly ‘sing itself’.”

Lisa went on to say: ”  ‘I have always enjoyed working at the school. It is so special to come to a place that values all types of music, from classical through to very modern! There is a lovely air of open mindedness and positivity, which provides a great springboard for young singers (and humans!) to leap from! Long may it continue!”

You can read more about Lisa here: