Prep Forest School

The cold weather hasn’t put our children off going outside and spotting some wonderful signs of winter as we leave the Autumn months. On our walk to Forest School Sofia H said “I like walking on the leaves, they make a crunchy noise”, some found lumps of ice “this leaf looks fossilised in the ice” (Alexander P), “look at me I’m a dragon” Daniel T shouts as he blows his breath in the crisp air.

There’s nothing quite so warming as a winter fire, roasting marshmallows, cooking damper bread and sitting around the fire drinking a hot chocolate, sharing jokes and stories – the children just love it and it’s a great way to teach skills relating to food preparation and fire safety that in turn can develop patience, confidence, focus and communication, empathy and a sense of community are formed through sharing the space and food.

The children have also been getting into the festive spirit changing their animal Forest School names into Christmas ones and using the clay along with natural resources to create Christmas decorations for our Forest School Christmas Tree.

Pre-Prep Forest School

The children in Reception had fun this week decorating a Christmas tree in each classroom. During our Forest School session we have been Creative Connies and used various materials to create trees using natural materials. The children had fun collecting sticks, leaves and fir cones and after we talked about the shape of a Christmas tree (triangle), we made our own trees using different sized sticks, leaves and fir cones as baubles.

We also enjoyed discussing about Winter and the animals that hibernate during the cold period. The children have been amazed to find out that even ladybirds, butterflies, wasps, frogs, grass snakes or turtles go dormant in the winter and that animals like bats, skunks, lizards, hamsters, bears or hedgehogs hibernate over the winter period.

The children have made dens, caves and burrows for the animals to sleep, using sticks and leaves to keep the animals warm.
We finished our session with making pretend campfires to keep us warm and shared lots of laughter and excitement for the festive period that’s around the corner!