In Early Years this week we have been introducing our first Read, Write Inc (RWI) sounds, and continued our ‘All About Me’ Topic.
The children in Acorns have been looking at the RWI pictures repeating ‘a for apple’. The children have really enjoyed their book of the week ‘Ten fingers and Ten toes’ counting their own fingers and toes and counting their brick towers. We have been working really hard in our self-care such as taking our shoes off, putting our wellies on and trying to get our coats on. In the Sports Hall Acorns listened very well to instructions to follow the red line and playing with the bats and balls.

The Oak class have been looking at the sound ‘a’. We have been learning to recognise the sound and thinking of words that begin with ‘a’. The Oak children have really enjoyed our silly soup rhyme, adding their own words to their soup bowl remembering our ‘m’ sound from the previous week.

Our Rhyme is
We’re making up some silly soup,
we’re making soup that’s silly.
We’re going to put it in the fridge
To make it nice and chilly.

We have also been practising our mark making and forming different letter patterns to help with our letter formation using a range of materials such as apple printing, whiteboards and we really enjoyed getting messy in the gloop.