This week in Early years we have been learning all about personal hygiene. In Acorns the children have been looking at potty or toilet training, washing our hands and brushing our teeth. Acorns have especially enjoyed playing with the dolls helping them go to the potty and looking after them by using wipes and putting clean nappies or pants back on. In Oaks the children have discussed why we wash our hand and how to do this properly. The children enjoyed having green paint put on their hands to pretend they were germs then washing their hands well to make the germs disappear. The pupils in Oaks also enjoyed creating their own mouths with teeth after having a try by brushing the puppet’s teeth. this has been a great way to introduce positional language such as under, over, behind and in front.
Esmie “we need to wash over, under and in between our fingers”, Grace ” look I have drawn my teeth in my mouth”, Katie ” I brush my teeth” and Jack “brush, brush, brush”.