There is a lot being written in the media about the Covid-19 virus and we, as a school, are doing all that we can to safeguard the welfare of everyone within our community.

We have been following advice given by Public Health England, the Department for Education, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as well as professional organisations. We will continue to be calm and measured in our response, as well as being proportionate and decisive.

Following the recent announcement to move to the ‘delay’ phase, we will do all that we can to reduce the risks that our pupils, staff and parents face. So, we have decided to shrink the school into its core function, which means that:

– Pupils and students will come to school, have their lessons, games, music, activities and then return home.
– There will be no trips allowed in or out of school.
– Any planned event involving large groups of people coming onto the school campus will either be cancelled or be for the internal (pupils and staff) audience only.
– There will be no sports fixtures, either home or away, for the rest of the current term.

Whatever happens next, we will make sure that every pupil and student is able to keep up with their work wherever they are.

Our school website has information, relevant links and will also include updates, which we will make as and when new information is available: