Pupils in Years 3 to 8 have been working very hard, creating a range of exciting STEAM products from the activities they have been set this week, as part of their Langley home learning. The children choose from a broad spectrum of activities relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Creativity and Maths. Each of the challenges has a different ‘spice rating’ and encourages our pupils to stretch and challenge themselves while developing independence and problem-solving skills. What an excellent way of contributing towards the School’s bespoke Wensum Award, which focuses on developing life skills through three main areas:

1. Showcasing strengths
2. Taking on challenge
3. Experiencing the new

STEAM is an important part of the curriculum, as it encourages pupils to work independently, problem-solve and use a multidisciplinary approach to their learning. The activities tie in with the lessons that pupils are currently receiving in Science and Maths and Topic (for Years 3 and 4). The projects offer pupils the opportunity to try short exciting tasks or to explore how things work over a project that requires more determination and examination.

We have seen a wonderful array of interesting projects undertaken by our pupils. From creating sensory bottles and lava lamps, to building bridges, making underwater volcanoes, creating sculptures, baking, recreating classic works of art, trialing new painting and drawing techniques, trying science experiments and solving mathematical games to name but a few. Our pupils have most definitely risen to the challenge. Miss Menegaz and Mrs Franklin have delighted in receiving regular updates to the children’s portfolios. Have a look for yourself at some of the amazing creations that have been submitted.