Our Acorns and Oaks in Early Years have been learning all about ‘People who help us’. In the Oak classroom we have had a fire station, Oak 2 had a vets and Acorns classroom had a police station and hospital.
We always enjoy welcoming visitors into Early Years and so we were very happy to be joined by paramedic Mr Howe and his ambulance. He kindly showed the children inside the ambulance which the children found fascinating,”this is amazing seeing the ambulance” explained Katie.
The pupils also built their own fire engine and police car, “wee war wee war” Marvin said, followed by Benny saying “nee nor nee nor”.
We all enjoyed creating our own fireman, paramedic, doctor and soldier as well as our own emergency vehicles to go on our Early Years displays.

Inspired by the wheels on the ambulance the session continued with what else resembles the shape of the wheels and got to work with making pizzas! The children all enjoyed taking a slice home to sample.