We were delighted to welcome a number of guests on Monday 17 June to celebrate and commemorate the past on History Day.

The weather was fair and the morning began in earnest after registration with a briefing on the prefect patch. Pupils were reminded of the study skills that the discipline of History can provide and it was encouraging to hear how pupils were able to make links to core British values such as democracy and mutual respect through investigating events and people from the past.


The History department invited seven different exhibitors covering topics and themes from medieval realms to D-day.

In the sweep, the Norfolk Military Vehicles Groups set up which was truly a sight to behold.

Moving through to the lower terrace outside the Headmaster’s study ‘Hands on the Past’ set up their Medieval encampment with small workshops on script writing, medieval pastimes, cooking and weaponry.

Moving across the terrace at the next station Norwich Museum had loaned the School three World War One artefact boxes that were displayed and explained by Mr Tim Power (parent) and Mr Tony Slater, retired army officers who are supporting the History Battlefields trip in October later this year.

Mr and Mrs Rice (parents) and English Civil War reenactors kindly joined the team on the lower terrace. They displayed and spoke to our pupils about the military tactics of the time and then demonstrated various fighting techniques with replica swords on items various grocery items!

We were also pleased to welcome Langley Senior School staff; Mr Iain Felton, Head of History and Mrs Nicky Bodmer – who led two workshops. One on World War II medicine and another entitled ‘History detectives’ – an exploration of the past through handling artefacts.

In between visits to the exhibitors outside Mr Sayer ran and History quiz for Year 3 & 4 while Mr Newton tested Year 7 & 8’s knowledge and understanding of events and people from the past.

Final but by no mean least, Ralph Jackman, a former pupils of the School and historical fiction author of Agrippa’s Wake, ran a creative writing workshop in Big School.

Initial pupil feedback was incredibly positive and pupils clearly enjoyed the day. It was also pleasing to note how engaged and enthusiastic everyone was about their History studies and the manner and courtesy they showed to all of our guests.

A great day and one to remember.