This year’s musical production of ‘A Truly Potty Adventure’ included a cast of 60 talented children from Years 6, 7 and 8. The show, set in the early part of the 20th century, opened with our Year 7 chorus cheering for our car, named ‘Gordon Bennett’, to win the Grand Prix and Holly E sang a stunning solo which certainly set the tone for an exciting show.

Mr Coggins and the Junkman were played by Joseph G and Campbell T and both were very believable. Milo L, who played the eccentric inventor Potts, portrayed his character with great sensitivity and maturity, and a highlight was when he sung a beautiful version of ‘Hush-a-bye Mountain’ accompanied by Mr Jonty Tan on the cello with a starry sky in the background. He was father to Jeremy and Jemima, played by Louis M and Emily H, and the comical Grandpa was played by George B. They were all brilliant in their portrayals and together they became the loveable Potts family.

They were then joined by Beatrice C who played the beautiful Truly Scrumptious and her interpretation was just perfect, managing to combine a charming, yet headstrong, persona. Her father, Lord Scrumptious, was played by James H who captured the pomposity of this character perfectly. Laura W played his officious assistant and Year 7 were our factory workers.

Matthew S, Grace D and William S all amused us during their encounter with the hair-cutting machine at the fairground and our Year 8 boys: James H, Sam H, Archie W, Joseph G, Jack W, Archie S, Harvey P, Benjy H, William S and Charlie H performed as Morris Dancers. Their performances were full of energy and thoroughly engaging; Jack even managed to include an impressive back-flip in the middle of their frenetic ‘Old Bamboo’ dance.

Our comedy duo, James C and William M, played the incompetent Vulgarian spies and amused the audience with their singing, dancing and hilarious jokes, with excellent comic timing. The Baron and Baroness of Vulgaria, played by Danny W and Summer H, were hugely entertaining with their own version of Samba dancing and Summer sung beautifully. They were aided by their soldiers, William B, Arthur Case, Isaac B and Elliott H as their Captain.

Neo S terrified and impressed the audience (especially the children) with his interpretation of the ‘Childcatcher’. His hideous appearance and haunting singing made a huge impact and many audience members were so impressed with his performance that they were convinced it was a member of staff!

Our Year 6 members were very convincing as the starved Vulgarian children who were hidden away in the sewers and they gave a rousing chorus of the song, ‘Teamwork’. Many of the cast have suffered with a nasty virus and we are very grateful for their determination as many performed feeling extremely poorly and others took on extra lines to compensate for absent cast members. A special mention must go to Charlie B who stood in for a lead character at a moment’s notice.

Director of Music Mr Jonty Tan created the music for the show, even composing the opening song with the help of Milo L and Summer H, and the children sang beautifully with many solos being performed.  Mrs Lucy Beedell, Head of English and Drama, should be congratulated for the choreography and overall direction of the show which, as ever, she undertook with the minimum amount of fuss and maximum amount of enthusiasm.

Our thanks go to Jayden B and Alice S for their help backstage and to all the staff and parents for their help and support, especially Mr Andy Forsey, Head of Design & Technology, who constructed our gorgeous car and Mr Nigel Edwards, Head of Art, who created our props. We are so proud of all the children who performed in the show and we look forward to working with many of them next year!

The cast share their experience:
Edith D Year 6 – “It’s a really fun experience and I’d like to take up further roles in future productions.”
Joseph G Year 7 – “Such a great experience, I loved it!”
Danny W Year 7 – “I will never forget it. It has been amazing. I am so grateful for having this opportunity and it has helped me so much with my singing and acting.”
William S Year 8 – “It’s so exciting to be on stage in front of lots of people.”
Summer H Year 8 – “It has been the greatest experience I have had at this school. I will be forever grateful. Thank you Mrs Beedell and Mr Tan.”

Parent reviews:
“Absolutely fabulous production. Whilst many of the teachers have, of course, been involved, special compliments to Mr Tan and Mrs Beedell who have masterminded this. The kids were wonderful, so much to remember over 1.5 hours of a musical, with so many great characters….a triumph!!”

“Absolutely blown away by the fantastic performance this evening. Huge congratulations to all of the wonderful and hugely talented students and especially to Mrs Beedell, Mr Tan and the fab backstage crew. Thoroughly enjoyed it and wish you all the best for the rest of the run!”