Our Year 8 English classes were taken to Langley Senior School to meet an octogenarian gentleman, Paul Sved, who was a Holocaust survivor. Many of the children have been studying the book, ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’ and this talk was to further their studies on this topic.
He was born into a Jewish family in Hungary, Budapest, in 1938 and he proceeded to unravel a fascinating and harrowing story of what happened to him and his close family and friends. He spoke of loss and how dreadful atrocities had touched his life as a child, but he also mentioned people who had acted incredibly bravely and undertaken great deeds of kindness and courage. We not only learnt a great deal of History but he was also an inspiring person.
He was a brilliant speaker and spent 30 minutes at the end of his talk answering any questions from the pupils. It was an amazing way to end our topic and I know the children really appreciated the opportunity to speak with someone who had experienced this period of History first-hand.
My thanks go to the children for their enthusiasm and focus and to Jenny Corser, Key Stage 3 English Coordinator, at Langley Senior School for organising the event.