Taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Spring, the children have been getting creative with weaving and whittling this Spring Term in Forest School.

Mastering the art of weaving with willow, the children have made some elegant bird feeders.

Some of the children have been working really hard on making their own fence using hazel. First they cut and prepared their wood, then skillfully weaved it in and out of willow stakes set in the ground. Other groups designed and then created their very own live willow den. Pupils took great care preparing the ground and using various different tools to plant their den.

Inspired by their fascination with frozen spiderwebs, the children decided to create their own giant webs in the trees using rope and string. Throughout the activity the children learnt some basic knots and all worked as a team to complete their web. They had lots of fun trying to get through their webs without getting caught.

Having carefully listened to safety rules, the children set about using a fixed blade knife to whittle their own wooden elf out of hazel.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed getting out the spades and forks to dig an area ready for a wildflower meadow to be sown.