Geography is a subject that has great global importance to many of the issues that are happening around the world today, it is subject that carries great significance throughout our lives.

To learn Geography to a high level you need to develop a whole range of skills; literacy, numeracy, spatial awareness, problem solving, teamwork, research, creating and understanding arguments, in addition to ICT. Here at Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall we strive to develop all of these skills alongside growing a greater awareness of the world around us. Topics covered here include Globalisation, Population, Plate tectonics, Economic activities, Flooding, Climate, Weathering and Erosion. In Years 3, 4 and 5 pupils focus on developing the foundation knowledge and awareness in Geography and in Year 5 pupils are taught how to refine their map skills.

In the next academic year we will be introducing a new module for our Year 8 pupils on Geographical Information Systems, which deals with the management of spatial data, something becoming increasingly important throughout many different sectors; business and state.
In Year 8 there are trips for fieldwork, one to the Broads and another to Taverham Mill. In Year 7 pupils visit Easton College for their module in Primary Economic Activities and in Year 6 the British Cartographic Society visit the school and offer a workshop on earthquake hazard mapping. On top of that, we join forces with the Classics Department and go on a trip to Naples every other year and look at the volcanic activity around Mount Vesuvius.

The focus for Geography this half-term in Pre-Prep is ‘an Island Home’ and the children in Year 2 are very much enjoying comparing their local environment to that of a remote Scottish Island. They are busy looking at the stories of Katie Morag and life on her island as well as locating the island on a UK map. They also studied Katie Morag’s island searching for physical and human features and are learning how to use grid references to locate features on the island.

“I would like to go to Katie Morag’s forest so that I could build walls and a castle.” Ben L

“I noticed the mountains on the island and I would like to climb them.” Evie M