Our Year 2 children had a lovely morning playing Maths games that the Prep School’s Year 3 pupils had created in their Maths lessons. Our youngsters enjoyed practicing the Maths skills they have developed over the past year.

The morning was a fantastic opportunity for the Year 2 girls and boys to form new friendships as they transition into life in the Prep School this coming September.

Isabella A said “I liked working with Lucy, you had to collect coins and Hugo won!”

Orla B said ” I liked the snakes and ladders game, you had to do sums to go up the ladders or to stop you going down the snakes.”

Jack said “We had to do lots of addition and subtraction question in one of the games.”

The Year 2s were so excited by their Maths morning with Year 3 that some are already planning their games to share with the current Year 1s in the next academic year!