The Year 4 pupils combined Science with History at Norwich Cathedral. They participated in a number of Science workshops looking at the Cathedral; how it was built and why it was built in such a way. This included looking at the materials used to build the cathedral, methods and techniques used over 900 years ago to build the impressive structures, as well as looking at how gravity helped to form all of the amazing arches within the building. The children were able to build their own arches and cathedrals using just paper and straws, making them think about the physics within their designs. Throughout the day the pupils showed intrigue, curiosity and teamwork to work their way through the different tasks and challenges they were given.

“I liked it when we made our own arches because it was great fun and we learnt how using gravity can help build arches” (Louie H)

“I found it fascinating when the keystone was put into the top of the arch, because it makes everything balance and stay where it is because of gravity” (Adam G)