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Welcoming Pupils from Overseas

We are delighted to welcome overseas pupils to Langley, as they bring internationalism and cultural diversity to our school, and our fulltime EAL team are on  hand to support our international community all the way. Firstly, helping them to settle in smoothly to the day to day running of the school, and then supporting them to fulfil their academic potential.
English as an Additional Language is taught by four well-qualified and very experienced teachers. Each of the teachers has lived and worked abroad and their collective experience has been in the following countries; Japan, China, Taiwan, The Middle East, Thailand, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Italy and France. As well as having taught students from Russia, Turkey and numerous other counties. In addition, the department has a full time teacher from China, who teaches A Level Chinese. Our Chinese teacher is also invaluable in helping our Chinese pupils adapt to a different cultural environment, and is a friendly face from home.
Our specialist EAL teachers offer individualised IELTS courses for Year 12 and Year 13 students to prepare for their final IELTS examination, which can be taken as soon as the student is ready. IELTS is used by UK/US/NZ/Australian and Canadian universities as their entry requirement in English. Students in Y13 have lessons dedicated to all four components of the IELTS examination: speaking, writing, listening and reading. They are taught both individually and in very small groups. Year 12 students focus on developing the skills they will need for IELTS using authentic examination materials. This rapidly builds their confidence and enables them to access the content of their courses more successfully and achieve better results in their A levels.
We believe that the best way for students to learn English is through their curriculum subjects, and our teaching approach is based on the principles of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). We work closely with subject teachers in order to know how individual students need to be supported. We create subject-specific writing frames to show students how to write essays for their chosen subjects, give personalized feedback on how to improve their writing skills and look at model answers to examination questions. EAL teachers also give students reading comprehensions based on current texts from curriculum subjects, and build students’ knowledge of subject-based vocabulary.
The EAL department works hard to create a friendly and inclusive environment for our students, where they can feel at home. We are always available to offer a listening ear and help with any problems the student may be having. We organise various social events throughout the year, such as Chinese New Year celebrations, the annual trip to the pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Norwich and meals out to say goodbye to students when they leave Langley. We celebrate student and staff birthdays in the EAL block with a homemade cake and a birthday card. Sixth form students are given individual help by EAL staff throughout the university application process (UCAS).

It is a challenge for teenagers to study abroad, but studying at Langley has been great for me because of the EAL department. When we are living in another country, we cannot rely on our parents to solve our problems, which could make us feel isolated. However, Mrs Butt (Head of EAL) doesn’t makes us feel that. She always tries her best to help us with all of our problems. She is like our mother and always gives us a hand if we need her. There is no doubt that EAL department has provided me lots of assistance for my academic study, especially my English. Every teacher in this department is willing to spend their time to help us to improve our English level, so that we can get a high score for our IELTS examinations. Also, my teachers have given me lots of help when applying to universities. Mrs McComish is an expert in this field. She gave me some guidance and helped me to find out what I am really interested in doing. My personal statement was finished efficiently with her support. EAL is not only for studying, but is also a good place for us to chat with other students from different places. Our teachers respect different cultures and try to help others to learn about them. Last year, for example, we opened a Chinese noodle bar at break time to celebrate Chinese New Year with the whole school. We also had a party in the evening and cooked Chinese hotpot together. Overall, EAL department is a good place for overseas students to take part in the local community and push themselves to get higher grades in their academic study.

Benjamin Yuan Year 13

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