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Learning Support

Langley School supports children with disabilities and special educational needs

Langley School treats all students as individual learners and supports them in two complementary ways. First and foremost, we have created an educational environment that provides encouragement, promotes confidence and fosters enjoyment. Class sizes are small and all teachers plan effectively to suit the needs of individuals and the whole group.
There is a broad choice of subjects and a comprehensive range of activities in school time so that all students can excel and receive recognition in some aspect of their schooling. Success is a major source of motivation. Secondly, we employ a well-qualified Special Educational Needs Co-coordinator (SENCO) and a team of Learning Support Assistants (LSA) who use a range of programmes and resources to support individual pupils or small groups.

Learning Support Department

In our Learning Support Department, pupils have access to tutors and resources to support their learning . Individualised targeted support is delivered in small tutorial rooms with access to IT facilities and specialised resources for developing and improving reading, spelling, writing and numeracy as well as study skills.
When it comes to public examinations, assessments are carried out, and, in cases where pupils meet the criteria for ‘access arrangements’ such as extra time, a reader or scribe, applications are made to seek approvals from the JCQ, the Joint Curriculum Council. The school examinations officer then ensures that the necessary arrangements are then put in place.
Our policy accepts the definition of SEN as set out by the UK Government. Please contact or +44 (1508) 520210.

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