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Oxbridge/Russell Group Pathways

Langley School provides a unique environment that aims to develop all aspects of a pupil. The broad and flexible curriculum, together with the extensive activities programme, provides students with the prospect to discover their passion, both academically and physically. This unique setting offers children the possibility to start developing their academic potential and extend their future horizons as early as Year 6.

Specialised opportunities are provided by each academic department for each year group to think beyond the curriculum; these experiences are designed to engage pupils in extended learning and stretch and challenge them beyond the academic foundation laid down in the classroom. Whether interested in STEM, the Arts or Humanities, students will be provided with the guidance and support to further develop these interests into academic pursuits, enhancing their prospects of attending a Russell Group/Oxbridge University in the future.

The Oxbridge/Russell Group Pathway Programme at Langley School sets out to raise pupils’ aspirations and expectations for the future and aims to prepare students early on with the experience and knowledge for the application process. During Year 10 pupils will, for example, be given the chance to take part in taster days at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. On these days, they will be given a brief introduction to higher education and a tour of one of the colleges within the universities. In Year 11 students will be given a second opportunity to revisit both campuses, however, there will be an academic focus, which will be divided into STEM and Humanities. Students will have the opportunity to explore their area of interest through an array of different lectures.

At the start of their Sixth Form career, in Year 12, students will be encouraged to enrol in the Extended Project Programme during which they will be required to complete an in-depth research project on an area of academic interest. In addition to this, students will return to Oxford and Cambridge for study days, during which they will experience subject specific lectures and be provided with an insight into university life. As well as visiting both Oxford and Cambridge University, students will have the opportunity to visit two other Russell Group Universities, providing opportunities for making informed choices about their personal pathway. Throughout the course of Year 12, subject-specific opportunities will be offered to students to help further develop their academic foundation. During the summer term, in Year 12, students will be introduced to the Oxbridge and UCAS application processes, including information about personal statements, tests and interviews. Once Year 13 commences, personal one-to-one support will be provided during the application process and as soon as an application has been submitted, there will be various opportunities for students to practice for the interview and admissions test (if required). Throughout all four years, students will be provided with enrichment opportunities such as trips and discussion groups to further build on their academic development.

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