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Our Uniform

All pupils through to Year 11 at Langley School wear a uniform. It’s an important part of Life at Langley School.
Uniforms are a traditional part of British school life and remind us that we are part of a community of which we are proud. Pride in our school is one of our core values.

Pupils are required to wear the appropriate uniform for their age group.
You can download or view the full lists of uniform by clicking the links below:

Langley School Uniform List 2019

Langley School uniform suppliers

Birds of Dereham Unit D, 13 Yaxham Road, Dereham, NR19 1HB.  T: 01362-692941/699130
Personal fitting appointments are available so, please do ring if you would like to make an appointment.

Langley School sport kit suppliers

All PE/Games kit is available to order online from Tylers Sportswear.

Langley Senior School Sixth Form

Sixth Form students are required to wear a dark coloured suit – skirts/trousers, dress and jacket must be of the same material with a white or pastel coloured shirt/blouse.

Please note; shirts and blouses should not be highly patterned or strongly coloured. Blouses do not include vests, camisoles, low cut blouses or polo necks which are inappropriate for school.

Trousers must not be leggings or skinny in style and skirts must be knee length please

Ensure skirts are of an appropriate length. Ties worn by pupils should be a professional tie of their choice. Dark plain v-necked or round-necked jumper can be worn.  Classic style, dark full or knee length wool style coat without embellishments or as an alternative a black outdoor jacket, but not a ‘puffer jacket style’.  House scarves or plain dark scarves only please.

PE Uniform

Please note that Sixth Form students involved in team games are expected to purchase and wear the prescribed school games kit. Sixth Form students who are not involved in squads that represent the school for team sports will be expected to purchase only the minimum requirement of kit# (marked as # on the official uniform PE list) .This must be worn during compulsory games lessons. Non-school items that maybe appropriate (e.g. lycra garments) must be plain black.

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