Four of our Year 8 pupils took part in the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry at UEA organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The team of four consisted of; Rodrigo Avila, Naomi Harrowven, Freddie Mills and Minnie Nelson, and they were also joined by our Year 8 Langley Prep School pupils. Our Year 8s had to act as teams of scientists and carry out several tasks to solve a problem. During the afternoon they also completed a challenge to mix chemicals in such a way as to produce very specific colours. This required precision and careful handling of the chemicals. The day then concluded with an exciting demonstration lecture entitled ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ with Dr Stephen Ashworth. This featured chemical experiments using household chemicals as well as more unusual demonstrations using dry ice to blow up balloons and ‘frying’ eggs in liquid nitrogen. The team enjoyed spending the day at the University and experiencing chemistry in a different environment.