Our Year 6 Greenpower Goblins team went racing at Scottow Enterprise Park, competing against other schools in the region. We took our electrically powered car, built by our pupils at Langley, and the team won a prize for the greenest bodywork which was made solely from recycled materials. A great day was had by all those involved. The team consisted of: Henry Kerrison, Toby Goldsmith, James Goldsmith, Otis Headon, George Stafford, Joshua Cleveley and Charlie Porter.

The following day, our Year 7 Greenpower F24 team went racing at the Lotus test track. We took our electrically powered F24 car, built by our pupils at Langley, and despite the wind and the rain we competed in a practice session and two races. The team did really well for their first outing at such a fantastic event. The team consisted of: Fraser Watts, Arlo Greenwood, Will Vettraino, Cameron Maccoll and Brayden Smith.

More information about the event can be found here: https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/education/norfolk-schools-race-electric-vehicles-at-lotus-test-track-1-6096172