The school are delighted with the GCSE results from the class of 2019. There has been a significant increase in the top grades this year, with more than two-fold improvement in the number of 9s (top grade) awarded to our pupils.
Seven pupils achieved what would have been all A grades, by the old measure, with grades 7-9 in all their subjects. Success is subjective, but we want to highlight some outstanding achievements.
Jess Stone achieved seven grade 9s, an 8 and a 7; she has achieved this alongside a busy co-curricular life, including a prominent role in the Debating Society.
Tom Connor achieved four 9s and four 8s, and James Kerridge, Charlie Peacock and Robert McCall all achieved an average grade above 8 (the old A*).
Rohan Munagapati achieved a grade 9 in all his Science and Mathematics subjects, showing that the school commitment to STEM is reaping rewards.

Our pupils’ results reflect the commitment that they have shown to their learning in recent years and they have my warm congratulations. Langley pupils have achieved impressively, the culmination of many years of work, and crucially, support from parents and teachers. I want to thank the dedicated Langley staff for going above and beyond in their support of our young people as they share and delight in the stories of today.
Certification, though very important, is only part of the educative experience, and I am delighted that so many of our pupils commit themselves wholeheartedly to the wider programme at the school. These experiences outside of the classroom will often be more significant and part of a longer journey of learning and experience.
Jon Perriss, Headmaster.

GCSE Results Day 2019