As part of Dyslexia Awareness Week, we are fortunate to have on display ‘The Dyslexia Portrait’, a collection of pieces celebrating and showcasing people with dyslexia challenging its myths and misconceptions. Our thanks to the photographer Kate Hurr for the loan and to our former pupil Georgina Neil for arranging the collection to be exhibited at Langley.

The ‘Dyslexia Portrait’ is a photographic project which explores how people with dyslexia express their feelings and frustrations. The photographer behind this photographic series is Kate Hurr. Hurr is a Hull based photographer. She specialises in creative and abstract photography. In 2017 ‘The Dyslexia Portrait’ was displayed as part of Hull’s City of Culture. The project was supported and part funded by Artlink, as part of ‘Square Peg”, a socially engaged, user-led, diversity and disability arts programme. The exhibition is the culmination of a year long project where people across the UK shared their personal experiences living with dyslexia. The artist interviewed twelve people and as a result of this a photographic image was created that relates these experiences and reflects their individual aesthetics. Each image is paired with a written personal reflection. Together, the series of abstract and creative photographic images represents the diversity of the dyslexic experience. This exhibition will challenge what you think you know about dyslexia and showcase the incredible skills, talent and diversity of people with dyslexia.In April 2018, former Langley pupil (Nursery to Upper Sixth Form) Georgina Neil, had the pleasure to curate ‘The Dyslexia Project’ exhibited at Stage Two, Norwich Theatre Royal, as part of her MA. The project for her, was about her personal battle with dyslexia and how it impacted on her childhood, adolescence and adulthood but as her Masters demonstrates, she has not let this hold her back.

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