A mix of all three Royal Navy, Army and RAF cadets spent a week experiencing time on an Army training base at Barry Buddon Training Area, Scotland, with Year 9 cadets tackling many new obstacles and showcasing their skills, while our NCOs were given the opportunity to hone their expertise and lead the younger cadets through a brilliant camp!
So many activities were on offer and with long days, all of our cadets were absolutely superb in facing fears, trying new things, working together and supporting each other when they found it difficult. Just some of the events offered were: battle drills and fire control orders (where the sergeant running the session said our cadets did the best practise section attack); ambush attacks (where cadet Talitha Key’s knowledge recall really impressed the Captain in charge); adventure training day in Dundee to see HMS Unicorn – the world’s largest intact warship, and flume rides at Olympia Pool; range day (where Isobel Mercer scored the highest in round one and proved her capabilities to take the reigns and assist younger cadets to instruct and build their confidence); and the Round Robin day which included sharp shooting; an assault course (many fears of heights overcome!); first aid and a stalk (where our Colour Sergeant Ethan Hillier and Navy cadet Guy Kelvey were the only two who snuck through camp officers unseen!)
It was a fantastic week, all the cadets should be super proud of themselves – we as Langley CCF staff certainly are. They got stuck into everything thrown at them, took everything in their stride, showed great grit and determination, with good humour, which in turn meant spirits were kept high even in the face of challenges. A huge well done to all the cadets involved in making the latest Summer Camp a real success.
LT Chambers