Recreating a real-life diplomatic summit, twelve of our students travelled to Wycombe Abbey, Buckinghamshire, for a 3 day flagship WASAMUN conference (Wycombe Abbey School American-style Model United Nations), aimed to develop leadership, cultural empathy and global citizenship amongst the next generation of changemakers.
Our students began their first day excited to debate, make new friends and ready to tackle world problems. As well as attending events like the opening ceremony, in which Dr Goddard introduced the wonder that is the WASAMUN, the Model Senate, Model ECOSOC and Arctic Council, our students discussed, debated and negotiated Bills, Acts, world crises and global issues, such as The Protection of Life in the USA and a fictional humanitarian crisis in the, made-up, region of South Rengaan.
Congratulations to Jess who ranked 1st and 4th for the best interviews in the Security Council, and to Senator Wicker, role-played by our Head of School Caitlin, who won a Highly Commended recognition.
The conference included a Ceilidh, diplomatic black-tie dinner and two days spent with some of the country’s finest young minds. Never out of place, Langley students made their mark on the conference with their hard work, empathy and confidence. Thanks must be made to our Resident Graduate English teacher and Debating specialst, Miss Olusanya who gave up her weekend to allow the students to have such a wonderful experience.
Our next Model Diplomacy Opportunity will be at the Norwich Model Arctic Council at the beginning of March – If you would like to know more about it please contact one of our Head of Sixth Form, Mr Kempton: