Over a two day event, we had the pleasure of hosting world-renowned CERN physicist and engineer François Butin, who travelled over from Switzerland to lecture at Langley School on all things antimatter.

The first of the two events was a Q&A evening, in which François Butin – who runs the Antimatter Factory at CERN – delivered a talk on the antimatter paradox. The audience was made up of not only students, as we wanted to make it an open event for anyone with a real interest in physics, and they were not disappointed. François generously gave his time to lecture, including visuals and videos, showcasing the kind of things they do at CERN. The questions that the audience presented back to François reflected exactly how enraptured they were, and he was more than happy to elaborate and explain many points.

The following day, François spoke in front of around 250 students, from a variety of schools, hosted here at Langley. Filling the Malcom Performance Hall in our Sixth Form Center, students were treated to a lecture in which François guided them around one of the most intriguing questions: what happened to the antimatter created together with our universe at the time of the Big Bang? Langley School is extremely grateful to François for making the special visit, and we know that everyone who met him and heard him speak joins us in sending him our thanks.

Furthermore, we are so excited that our Sixth Form students will be heading to Switzerland in March for a three day trip to visit CERN, and to spend time with François in his phenomenal work place.