Patrick joined Langley in 2008, finishing in 2013 with A-Levels in French, Business, and Law. We hear Patrick’s happy reflections on his school days and we find out what steered his onwards career path.

Did you know what career you wanted to follow when you were at school?

Not necessarily, although I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur eventually so everything I did was geared towards having the skill set I would need once I had decided what business to pursue.

Which extra-curricular activities were you involved in at Langley?

During my time at Langley, I enjoyed playing rugby for the 2nd team and taking part in the school’s CCF programme.

Do you think these activities have been useful within your career and given you transferable skills?

Yes, I certainty believe CCF instilled some discipline into my system, whereas rugby taught me how to work as a team and work towards achieving a set goal.

What did you study at university?

I eventually joined Brunel University in London to study Law, and thereafter joined Queen Mary University of London to pursue my Masters in Intellectual Property Management.

Tell us about your career to date

My career began with a training positioning at an Intellectual Property Consultancy firm in Nairobi. I am now a practicing Intellectual Property Consultant at the same firm. I would say that a highlight has been my growth from a mere training consultant to the lead consultant at the office, I am quite proud of that.

On reflection, did your time at Langley help inform your career choices and your attitude to your career progression?

My decision to study law at university was, to a certain extent, influenced by my A-Level teachers and tutor who shared with me their experiences in choosing their courses and how it affected their career. In the end, since I was not very sure what career I wished to purse, I chose to take a course that would provide me with multiple options and set me up for life.

What advice would you give to students currently considering joining Langley, their A-Levels or career choices?

I highly recommend anyone considering joining Langley School to sign up immediately. I believe Langley made me the person I am today. When I joined, I was a very confused shy young individual with not much sense of direction as to what I wanted in life. At Langley, I was able to feel part of community that truly believes in themselves. The support from the staff and teachers is impeccable as they really challenge you to think of your future and give you the tools to achieve the same. Furthermore, the friends I made at Langley are lifelong friends who are practically family now.

With regard to choosing A-Levels, doing a course that you enjoy is key. This applies equally to any career choice you pursue. Though I believe taking time to really think hard of the correct career or undergrad degree is very essential.

Final thoughts

The community at Langley is like non-other, I can easily say my time at Langley included the best moments of my life to date.