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Boarding Options

All of our students, whether they join us as full, weekly or day boarders, will experience a caring, warm and supportive environment. The support they receive from our staff and fellow students ensure that they become well-rounded members of the Langley community. Our boarders consist of students who live locally and across the UK to those who visit us internationally from Asia, Europe and Africa.

At Langley School, we are pleased to offer full boarding, weekly boarding, flexi/occasional boarding and day boarding options for students from the ages of 10-19.
Full Boarding

  • Fully catered with snack making facilities
  • Laundry service throughout the week
  • On-site qualified nursing staff and first-aid trained resident staff
  • Structured core prep times with opportunities for further study
  • Post-study leisure options
  • Impressive staff-student ratio
  • Newly refurbished accommodation
  • No “Exeats” means more flexible arrangements for weekend leave to suit family plans
  • A stimulating programme of cultural visits
  • A regular school bus service to and from Norwich

Weekly Boarding

  • Access to all of the benefits listed above; typically, Sunday through to Thursday
  • Extra flexibility on return times
  • Extended school bus links connect with rail stations
  • Full integration into boarding life
  • Opportunities to continue personal leisure interests outside school

Flexi/Occasional Boarding

  • Optional bed space for those who wish to stay overnight for 2 nights
  • Ideal for those whose parents travel on business
  • Students placed to integrate into community
  • Fully catered with laundry and healthcare provision
  • The range of resident teaching staff means students are already well-known to staff
  • Easy arrangement process

Day Boarding

  • Students may stay from the end of school through a supervised prep session 4:50pm – 6:00pm
  • Optional snack tea or cooked supper at 6:00pm
  • Transport link post session to city (other route options possible)
  • Possible opportunities for later stays allowing for combinations of prep and leisure pursuits – ideal for students attending after school events on a regular basis and for those wishing to extend social links
  • Flexible charging system (set or hourly)
  • Easy arrangement process

To find out more about our boarding options, please email

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