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Our aims and objectives

Langley Senior School is an inspirational school that goes beyond the academic to educate the whole student, helping them achieve their very best.

We exist to provide a first-class, all-round education within a friendly, inclusive and supportive community. By focusing relentlessly on improving standards our students learn to be independent, valued citizens and develop their abilities to the full.
We select co-educational boarders and day pupils based on their overall potential, who are prepared to benefit from – and be active partners – in the continued success of Langley Senior School.

Our values

Each student and member of staff believes in our core values:

  • Commitment – pride in what we do through hard work, support for others and following the rules.
  • Opportunity – be positive and get involved, set goals that challenge you.
  • Respect – celebrate differences and individuality. Listen to others. Be honest, polite and treat others how you expect to be treated.
  • Excellence – be proud of your own and others’ achievements. Do your best and always behave in a way that would make you and your school proud


The Academic Foundation

To have a Growth Mind-set philosophy with no glass ceilings, where every child is challenged and encouraged to grow their potential – we aim to provide a diverse and flexible, pupil-centred curriculum, that enables pupils to find and fully expand on their own strengths and interests, whilst becoming independent, lifelong learners.
To be one of the most advanced, well-resourced and forward looking independent schools in the East of England, where pupils are supported and challenged by a well-qualified, inspirational and caring teaching body.

The Three Pillars

1. Sport
To allow the entire pupil body the opportunity to develop a passion for sport and pursue active, healthy lifestyles, whilst building partnerships that enable us to provide our elite athletes with the facilities and support required in order to compete successfully at national and international level.
2. Boarding
To provide a home from home in a caring, supportive and engaging environment within first class facilities.
3. Through School
To ensure a seamless, smooth and continuous transition as pupils develop on their learning journey from Pre-Prep to Sixth Form.

The Overarching Ethos

To have an inclusive ethos that meets the broader needs of every pupil, that is built on the school’s CORE values of Commitment, Opportunity, Respect and Excellence.

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