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Wellbeing @ Langley

Happiness and emotional wellbeing is our priority…

We passionately believe in promoting emotional wellbeing and positive mental health for our whole Langley school community and are proud of our diverse and inclusive environment.
We see this as everyone’s responsibility, and value input from our staff, pupils, parents, governors and external partners in this area.
We recognise the importance of good mental health as this not only impacts on our day to day quality of life, but also our ability to learn and thrive.
Our school is committed to prioritising wellbeing through excellent pastoral care, a proactive approach towards promoting resilience, openly communicating about wellbeing issues and providing support where needed.
We are proud to be working towards achieving the National Children’s Bureau’s newly launched Wellbeing Award for Schools. This will allow us to engage in an exciting programme of further development in this area.

Student Help

We fervently believe in taking a proactive approach to promote positive student mental health and wellbeing. Through our tutorial and PSHE programmes, mental health issues and methods of promoting wellbeing are actively discussed. We have a dedicated staff body that understands the importance of this topical issue and as such we have several mental health first aiders to help students who are struggling. We also have a voluntary Listening service, where students can talk to a trained professional about any issues that are concerning them. Our dedicated medical team of school nurses and counsellor are also available to students to help them in troubled times. Student wellbeing is a priority; our caring, nurturing environment helps to build that sense of community so that students feel supported so that they can achieve success.

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