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Langley School provides an unrivalled strength and conditioning program that focuses upon increasing the overall health of every student, whilst also helping individuals to maximise their potential and achieve excellence. The S&C department is run by Ryan Oakes and team of specialist coaches

We have a holistic approach to youth development and try to create students who are well balanced athletes. This involves improving all aspects of athletic ability, including increasing movement patterns, strength, endurance and mobility.

Our team runs an extensive program before, during and after school. Strength and conditioning is also a fundamental part of the junior Physical Education curriculum. All programs are designed for the individual. Our plans are based around the needs of the student and eventually tailored around the sports that they play. In this sense the programme is fully functional – whatever we do in the gym is aimed to make students better on the pitch.

In addition to practical activities the S&C team take responsibility for managing nutritional and lifestyle advice and promoting a Growth Mindset. The discipline, organisational skills, determination and utilisation of effective learning strategies are key components of S&C that transfer effectively into wider life and set pupils on a positive pathway; regardless of which industry they may choose to enter in the future.

The school also runs a comprehensive performance analysis program. We have invested significantly in performance analysis equipment and software. Our VantagePoint system allows us to capture outstanding footage of fixtures and training of all sports. We use Sportscode Gamerbreaker software to code all our games, this coded footage then provides both group and individual statistics and serves as an invaluable tool for performance analysis, feedback, future planning and development.  We are always looking at new ways to provide important feedback to our pupils, many of our athletes are now using the Hudl app, this provides agile, accessible feedback between players and coaches

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